Jessie Lookfong
Jessie Lookfong
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
(631) 408-8918
Jessie Lookfong
225 Broadway 21st Floor
New York, NY 10007
(631) 408-8918
As a native New Yorker, Jessie Lookfong prides herself in being a part of New York City's unique diverse culture. She says, "There's nothing like the tenacious heartbeat of New York City and it lives within me and all of my fellow New Yorkers-- whether you were born and raised here, like me, or whether you decided to chase your dreams in this city. We become part of the city's unyielding pulse and that somehow, connects us all." She believes inexorable passion and prudence are necessary ingredients for success and that is the manner in which Jessie conducts her business.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or simply need an honest answer regarding real estate, Jessie will work with you exclusively, all the while keeping your best interest at heart. She believes that her clients appreciate and prefer to work with someone who wants to put in hard work in order to find the perfect home. By putting her clients' needs first, listening to them and coupling her knowledge of the current market trends, Jessie has a knack for finding the perfect home.

Before delving into real estate, Jessie majored in English/Creative Writing, graduating from Hunter College in 2012. During her college years, she worked full-time in retail where she discovered her love for helping people identify products that best suited them. She says, "Many times I'd see customers (from different countries) walking into the store and they'd just be lost. Nothing made me happier than helping them decide on what they actually were looking for." Branching out from the retail industry after college, she managed a family-owned hotel out in Long Island for five years, excelling in sales and negotiating with top vendors, where she discovered her talent in real estate. Jessie's strength lies in her capacity to tap into the city's heartbeat in order to bridge the gap between New York City's inventory and the needs of her clients with her extensive market knowledge and passion.

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